Zenger tests your news knowledge: Disney’s next big thing

What book series is being adapted into a series for Disney+?

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The live-action show is in early development, series author Rick Riordan revealed.

Which U.S. university announced it will eliminate men’s golf and cross country, and women’s tennis, to save money?

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The University of Akron is trimming 23% of its athletics budget, and on May 14 announced it will end three varsity sports programs.

Typhoon Vongfong made landfall on May 14 in which country?

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Typhoon Vongfong brought winds of nearly 100 mph to Samar, the country's eastern island.

Which 1980s movie is getting a reboot directed by Luca Guadagnino?

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Universal Pictures is behind the remake, which “Call Me by Your Name” filmmaker will direct.

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded last week in which U.S. state?

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The May 15 earthquake was centered near the town of Tonopah and was the largest in Nevada in 66 years.

Which European country declared the end of its coronavirus epidemic?

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Slovenia announced May 15 that the pandemic was over inside its borders. the first European country to tempt fate by saying the coast is clear.

Which department store chain filed for bankruptcy in May, making it the largest retailer to go bust during the coronavirus pandemic?

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Before COVID-19, the 118-year-old company was already struggling to overcome a decade of executive instability and damaging market trends.

Last week the House of Representatives approved a second coronavirus relief package that would cost how much?

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Senate Republicans made it clear that the $3 trillion bil favored by House Democrats will be dead on arrival.

Which supermarket chain pledged to give its rank-and-file employees “thank you” pay through mid-June?

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Days after saying it would end “hero” pay to frontline workers, Kroger announced bonuses.

China’s ambassador to which country was found dead inside his home on May 17?

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China’s chief diplomat to Israel, Du Wei, was found unresponsive in his bed with no signs of violence, dead at the age of 57.

Zenger tests your news knowledge: Disney's next big thing
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